Pattaya Floating Market

  • The Charm of Ancient Thai Riverside Living Community

Established since 2008, Pattaya Floating Market is riverside attraction in Pattaya displaying and showcasing the beautiful ancient Thai riverside living community and authentic ways of life, including has on display culture and local products from 4 major regions of Thailand on sales in absolutely affordable price. Traveling Pattaya Floating Market is considerable as a ‘Traveling Through Thailand in One Day’ trip. Pattaya Floating Market is a new tourist destination for Thai cultural conservation located in the heart of Pattaya city. It was established by the owner’s determination to make the place the center of tourism for cultural conservation that simulates the simple way of life of Thai people. It also aims to be the learning center of Thai self-sufficient living that have connected with water until present and the fascinating local wisdoms of four regions of Thailand; the North, the Central, the North East and the South.

Traveling Pattaya Floating Market is a ‘Traveling Through Thailand in One Day Trip’ is because the market has brought together the very unique parts – cultures, ways of life, food, products, cultural performance - of each region of Thailand including North, South, Central, Northeast. In addition, the market’s landscape, infrastructure, construction, drawing, and design have been set up and designed truly depends on each region of Thailand – so tourists are able to identify the different and knowing which region of Thailand they are traveling through while they are in the market. At Pattaya Floating Market, both Thai and foreign tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the place by taking a sightseeing boat to see Thai people’s way of life at two riverfronts and to be bedazzled by the shops entirely made of teak wood unique of each region and their cultural performances at the activity zone.

Apart from being cultural attraction to show case how beautiful of ancient Thai riverside living community, Pattaya Floating Market also features fun activities to season up everyone trip including; rowing boat excursion, amphibious boat adventure, long tail motored-boat, zip line adventure, the haunted mansion, maze runner, baby goat and fish milk feeding, pluses daily cultural shows and traditional games and play such as sea boxing, blindfolded boxing, rowing bowl racing – takes place almost every hour to make sure every minute time spent is worthy.

Not only just an attraction to provide fun and coloring up the trip, Pattaya Floating Market is also one of many other Thai Culture Learning Center because it has recently established a new zone called ‘Traditional Thai Ways of Life Village’ aims at making it a learning center for those who interested in knowing deeper about Thai people and history. It has on display almost everything that is necessary usually used by Thai people during their daily routines including a demonstrative session of how to proceed it; for example, silk production and farming, ancient Thai ways of cooking, farming display zone, or even original Thai massage is also available in this area for interested party to enjoy learning or even taking part for a short session of practice supervised by specialists. Before leaving the village area, make sure the trip is completely fulfilled at the monkey show stationed right close to the entrance – it’s the most famous monkey star in Thailand and ever appeared on commercial ads including movies, stop by to say hi, everyone call it Khun Prakit.

As people of each region have different lifestyle, products of the four regions differ. Products from the North are crafted wood, silverwork, beautiful local fabric, silk and paper umbrellas while products from the Central are rattan furniture, accessories and woven bags. The North East is famous for its Mudmee and Preawa silk products, scented candles and triangular backrest pillows. The South’s well-know products are products made from coconut, batik fabric and wooden boat models.

Pattaya Floating Market is a cultural attraction displaying beautiful Thai ways riverside living community’s way of life pluses many fun plays, games, and activities including daily cultural show to make sure everyone trip is completely fulfilled. The market is welcome every nationality and of all races in the same standard of hospitality service. Opens daily from 9 till 8 at night. There are two piers, one in front and another one on the back side. The trip features with taking tourists through and around the compound on both water track and land route, stop at Thai Folkway Village, and enjoy the Monkey Show.

*Thai Folkway Village is the zone that has on display the authentic and real Thai living lifestyle in the past - some of the routines still can be found in some area of Thailand in present. Tourists can enjoy walking through the greenery area that contains with numbers of demonstration such as silk weaving, silk thread reeving, silk worm raising, mat producing, ancient pop-corn cooking, local handicraft, and the high light for demonstration that you shouldn't miss is 'Tom Yum Koong', the world class menu, demonstration. **Hot Press Massage demonstration is another zone you shouldn't miss and try, 3 professional masseurs are available to provide and show you how to use traditional Thai hot press to release you from tiring as well as Yellow Oil using, the magic herbal extract, that will amaze you right instantly the first drop applying on your skin where its pain.
***Monkey Show is the must because it is Thailand's most famous monkey show - used be star monkey on TV and many commercial ads named Prakit as the male monkey and Kanchana is the female one. Stop by and have fun before leaving the zone.

Pattaya Floating Market is determined to be the tourist destination that tangibly educates about self-sufficient living as well as the center of Thai cultures in every aspect namely lifestyle, food, performances, and merchandises such as handicrafts that all portray the story of Thai culture’s background, prosperity and inherited wisdom that are in need of well-managed scheme and sustainable conservation. Pattaya Floating Market is the largest freshwater pond in the East of Thailand and the only tourist destination that upholds the self-sufficient living concept of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand which helps create a good image for Pattaya city and good impression to all tourists.

Operating day : All Day
Operating time : 09.00 - 20.00
Telephone: +66 3870 6340
Fax: +66 3807 6800
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: 451/304 Mu 12, Sukhumvit Road, Tambon Nong Prue, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chon Buri

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