Underwater Scooter Ride

  • See the Underwater World with No Diving Experience

Submarine scooters on Phuket are the perfect solution for those who don’t want to do any serious lengthy underwater diving, but still want to take a peek at the underwater world for a few minutes. Built on the same principle as scuba gear, submarine scooters create an air bubble around one’s head, where air is continuously pumped. The device itself is hung by a rope to a spherical floating security buoy, which provides balance and additional safety.

In addition, a diving guide keeps an eye on you at all times, helps you move around underwater and manages safety. Instructors will explain in detail how to use the submarine scooters or how to dive with scuba gear. They’ll give you detailed information about all aspects of diving, so that you can relax underwater and extract as much fun as possible.

You’ll probably be offered to hold a starfish in your hands and take a few dozen colourful photos. You’ll only have to look around and enjoy the underwater scenery. The underwater scooter is designed to give riders the scuba experience without requiring any kind of license to operate. Traveling at speeds of up to 4 mph, riders can dive 4 meters, allowing them access to most shallow reefs without requiring a weight belt or back-strapped tank.

This unique underwater experience is definitely something you should do at least once in your lifetime. It is a safe and incredible experience that will open your eyes to an amazing new world. The scenery is unbelievable with countless species of fish and an array of bright and varied colors in an underwater tropical paradise. And if you bring along your waterproof camera this experience will surely last longer as you'll get to relive those moments captured by your snapshots!

The excursion program also includes: swimming and relaxation on the island’s sandy beach, riding a glass-bottom canoe and a banana boat. Midway through the excursion, you’ll be offered a Thai lunch directly on the boat.

Key Features of Underwater Scooter
- It's one of the quickest & fastest ways to move underwater.
- One doesn't need to be a professional diver to ride it.
- While underwater no mouth piece is required to be used.
- One doesn't need to wear a mask.
- Weight belts are not needed.

What to bring
- Swimming Suits
- Shorts & Light T-shirt
- Beach towel
- Sun block
- Sun cap
- Sun glasses
- Camera
- Summer Footwear

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