Ten Amazing Thai Fruits

14 November 2018

 Thailand is a heaven for fruit lovers. Different kinds of tropical fruits are found in the country, many of which are totally unknown to the tourists.

While usual tropical fruits like pineapple, banana and mango are seen everywhere in Thailand, there are also unique fruits that you should not miss during your travels in Thailand. Here is a list:


Mangosteen is an odd looking Thai fruit, usually with a purple skin. When opened, white segments will show which are absolutely soft and delicious. If you could not find them in season, there are always the frozen ones ready to be bought.


Dragonfruit has a scary name, but it is such a treat. When opened, the taste of this Thai fruit may resemble kiwi.


Jackfruit may be the largest Thai fruit. Peeling this fruit is risky because the inside is very sticky. It is better to buy the very delicious big yellow seeds of jackfruit separately. They can even be used in cooking. Jackfruit is mistaken by many as durian! 


Durian is one of the most famous Thai fruits, due to its strange smell and shape. Some people may not like it in raw form, but you can always try it in chips form. It looks a bit like jackfruit.


Papaya is a fruit that is eaten as snack in its ripe form, and as vegetable in its raw form in the famous Thai salad, Tom Som or raw papaya salad. 


Guava is a fruit that is found in many other tropical parts of the world. But Thai guava is not as sweet as those. That is why it is mostly eaten with chili sauce and salt in Thailand. 


Rambutan may be the most colorful Thai fruit. It is not an expensive fruit and can be eaten in abundance in your Thai breakfast.


Pomelo is a citrus fruit, which may seem unusual for Thailand’s tropical weather. Pomelo tastes like grapefruit and orange, only a little sweeter. You can buy it in cut-up form to avoid trouble. 

Custard apple

Custard apple has very unusual insides, with seeds that should not be eaten. But it is soft and sweet and very delicious.


Lychee is a tropical fruit with soft ping-pong shaped inside. You should remove the outer pink red skin first, which is unusually easy! 

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