Items to Make your Thailand Trip More Comfortable

14 April 2019

 Every Thailand traveller knows the basic things to carry to this tropical country: sunscreen, cotton clothes, sun hats, water bottles and sandals.

Here are some other options to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Bring anti-bug sprays or repellents. The insects are most active from sunset to sunrise in tropical and humid weather like Thailand’s. Wear the spray and if you got bitten, use after-bite sprays as a remedy to cool down the itch. This is very useful for children too. 

2. If you are a water sports fan, dry bag is a necessity for your Thailand trip. These bags are small and you can keep your valuables in them when out in the water. If you get a high quality dry bag, no leak will occur. Some of the dry bags float behind you when in water, and some others can be attached to your waist to keep the smaller objects safe. These should not be confused with normal waterproofs you see in backpacks etc.

3. Aqua shoes or water shoes definitely make your Thailand trip easier. They let you walk on rugged or rocky surface and on pointy mussels inside the water too. They are not supposed to keep your feet dry, but they protect your feet especially around the heels. You can also wear aqua shoes while doing kayaking, waterpolo and surfing.


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