Useful Thai Phrases For Tourists

27 November 2018

Getting around in Thailand for foreign visitors is easy. Most of the hotel staff in Thailand speak English, many signs and menus are written in English, and you can always find English speakers to help you.

Thai people are mostly patient with foreigners who do not speak Thai, and you will manage some of your communication problems with their cooperation and also by using body language. And of course, there is the Google Translate!

Still, you may find yourself in situations that call for a basic knowledge of Thai phrases, specially in restaurants and shops. Here is a list of useful Thai phrases and numbers to help you out. Just pay attention: This is how these Thai phrases sound, not their actual spelling.

Sa Wat Dee: hello

A Nee Tao Rai?: How much is this?

Phaeng Mark Rai: So expensive

Lod noi dai mai: Can you give a discount

Kawp Koon: thank you

Koortoot: excuse me

Chai/ Mai Chai: yes/no

Mai Kao Jai: I don’t understand

Kohr menu ahaan: May I see the menu

Nam: water

Gai: Chicken

Kaao: rice

Pak: vegetable

Pet: spicy

Mai pet: not spicy

Haawng Naam Yuu Thee Nai? Where is the bathroom?

Numbers in Thailand

Nung: 1

Song: 2

Sam: 3

See: 4

Da: 5

Hok: 6

Jed: 7

Baed: 8

Gao: 9

Sib: 10

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