Do’s and Don’ts of Eating in Thailand

12 May 2019

 Thailand is a hot and humid country. This may be a good reason for some non-locals to get sick while eating and traveling in Thailand. 

To avoid any food-related problem during your stay in Thailand, pay attention to some do’s and don’ts. 

First: Do not drink tap water. Drink boiled, filtered or bottled water. 

Second: If you are ordering street food, go for stalls that have many local patrons.

Third: Trust your instincts. If the food that is served does not seem fresh to you, do not eat it.

Fourth: Many sauces that may be foreign to you are frequently used in Thai cooking. If you have special allergies, check out their ingredients and avoid the foods that may make you allergic.

Fifth: Drink a lot of water, coconut water or juice to avoid dehydration.

Sixth: If you are sensitive to spicy food, always eat Thai food alongside plain rice, salads or other non-spicy options to neutralize the hotness.

Seventh: Eat a lot of fruits to boost your vitamin intake.

Eighth: Avoid eating raw food, specially raw seafood. 

Ninth: Wash your hands frequently.

Enjoy the amazing Thai foods!

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