• Hotel Booking

    We at Homa Travel & Tours enjoy the privilege of using our own specially customized booking system, operating since 2009.

  • Ticketing

    We at Homa Travel & Tours provide comprehensive services in ticketing, and act independently in the field of chartered flights as well.

  • Transfers & Rentals

    Homa Transportation Company, a subsidiary of Homa Travel & Tours, provides the strongest transfers in Thailand.

  • Events Planning

    We at Homa Travel & Tours provide the best environments for the fulfillment of your business goals in Thailand, notably if you intend to organize specialized events and conferences.

  • Itinerary Tours

    We at Homa Travel & Tours design amazing Thailand trip itineraries for various types of travelers (individuals or groups from any age range)

  • Exhibition Tours

    Thailand is the scene of many annual international exhibitions and conferences, and the ones held in Bangkok- like The Gem & Jewelry Fair, Thai International Travel Fair and Bangkok International Motor Show- are world renown.

  • Halal Tourism

    Halal tourism, with its particular set of dietary and religious conditions, is one of the biggest current trends in tourism around the world. Thailand too has become a top destination for muslim friendly tourism in recent years

  • Medical Tourism

    Medical tourism is a holiday combined with medical treatment, rehabilitation or wellness. The world class medical tourism in Thailand is booming, thanks to the favorable natural surroundings, low cost of treatments

  • Romantic Tourism

    The amazing nature and vibes in Thailand makes it an ideal place for wedding ceremonies and honeymoons. With our wedding and honeymoon packages, we offer to take the responsibility off your shoulders.

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