Halal Tourism

Halal tourism, with its particular set of dietary and religious conditions, is one of the biggest current trends in tourism around the world. Thailand too has become a top destination for muslim friendly tourism in recent years

and we at Homa Travel & Tours have pursued this trend in the form of customized package tours for muslim travelers. Most of the demands for Halal tourism in Thailand come from muslim families, so we have our eyes set on fulfilling their needs.

The focus of our Halal Thailand tours are:
-The provision of Halal meals or the existence of Halal restaurants in the hotel or around it.
-The provision of female travelers’ privacy, including separate pools in the hotel for the convenience of muslim ladies.
-The provision of prayer facilities during daily tours, and at airports.
-The policy of no-alcohol served in the room.
-The policy of family friendly TV channels in the hotel rooms.

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