Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a holiday combined with medical treatment, rehabilitation or wellness. The world class medical tourism in Thailand is booming, thanks to the favorable natural surroundings, low cost of treatments

the expanding tourism market, the expanding global beauty and rejuvenation market, and the fusion of modern and traditional healing and wellness treatments. We at Homa Travel & Tours follow this trends in our Thailand packages and offer full services to the travelers who choose Thailand as their medical destination.

Our medical packages include:
-Making appointments for the traveler at high quality hospitals and wellness centers prior to their arrival in Thailand.
-Providing drivers, translators and guides.
-Providing the desired accommodation for spending the rehabilitation and recovery period as a relaxing holiday.
-Offering suitable tours for the recovered travelers.
-Providing services for travelers interested in Yoga and meditation courses and camps, nutrition retreats, mental health camps and post surgery holidays.

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